Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Michael Clayton

I’m a fan of law stories thanks to my John Grisham and other writers addiction , so perhaps I have read too many law stories to find this one interesting and attention grabber. Then it was way too predictable and even if the end is a David versus Goliath climax (which I suspected early) it wasn’t that unexpected in a movie with George Clooney in it. Also have read many more interesting stories were the little man (actually not so little here) gets the big man and the one that comes faster to my mind is that Julia Roberts Oscar vehicle, Erin Brockovich . I’m mentioning this as many are commenting that the best part of the story is that the little man gets the big man.

Think that my main problem was with the script by Tony Gilroy –that also directed- that trying to give a better character development introduced peripheral threads that honestly did not gave depth to the character nor improved the main story line. To me it was time wasted that perhaps could be used to make more interesting the main story with some unexpected twists.

As a movie is not that bad, excellent performances by Tilda Swinton and Tom Wilkinson; George Clooney was a disappointment for me, with the exception of the final scenes that were very good, his performance seemed one dimension. The pace is slow, which you know I love, but here with the predictable story became really slow and made it uninteresting.

I know that today got a best picture nomination and I concur with several critics that say that the movie “doesn’t deserve the Oscar nominations it’s likely to get”, but I have no doubt that Tilda Swinton and Tom Wilikins absolutely deserve their nominations. Please do not get the impression that I do not like George Clooney performances as I do; is just in this movie where I find him boring.

So if you haven’t read many law stories perhaps you’ll find this one interesting and enjoy more than me this movie. Think this movie is suited for adult audiences as the production values will not appeal younger audiences.

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