Friday, January 18, 2008

Hard Candy

One of my friends noticed here that I liked Ellen Page performance in Juno and suggested that I see this movie. So I did. Here we have a younger Ellen Page playing a 14 years old girl and she is outstandingly good, I was perplexed that she could act so good at a younger age. Fantastic!

This David Slade film is very complex to say the least and I feel that is a provocation that could shock viewers as gives a lot of food for thought and gives no answers at all. So, whatever you the viewer think about the story and the characters is adequate, as it will reflect how you feel about the movie theme and what the characters do.

The film is about a very sensitive and taboo theme: pedophilia, but what they did to the story is quite unexpected and disturbing as at moments you feel for the predator, while at other moments you feel for the prey and at times you will be confused figuring out who’s the predator and who’s the prey.

Ellen Page plays Hayley Stark a teenager with a mission and she is incredibly good as her character evolves from a sweet innocent but provocative girl into something else that if I explain I will give away the “surprise” and really you have to live the surprise as it will come very unexpectedly. Patrick Wilson plays Jeff Kohlver with a very intense interpretation, but Elle Page absolutely steals the movie. Most of the film you will see only this two characters interacting and watching a two actors movie is always intense, but here is eerie.

As a movie is very well done for a debut film from a director that used to do multiple award winning video clips and advertising. The subjective camera and the framing are quite good. Most amazing is to learn that it was filmed in 18 days and the budget was under US$1 million, with this in mind have admit that the movie is outstanding.

This 2005 indie movie was nominated for Best Foreign Independent Film at the 2006 BIFA and Ellen Page got nominations for Best Actress and Best Female New Comer in other fests and awards, so is no surprise that some critics say that Ellen Page career after this movie will go just UP and just did that with Juno.

This intense and arty movie is not for all audiences mainly because it touches a theme that is hard to handle and does it a more harder way, after all the title says it all: this candy is hard to swallow; but, it is a must be seen if you want to see an amazing performance by a younger Ellen Page.

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