Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Feast of Love

Is not that I’ve been avoiding this film, is that I have been delaying watching it as it seemed like another movie where they add a little lesbian content just to tease viewers. Well in a sense I was totally right.

This Robert Benton film has been described as “a meditation on love and its various incarnations” and well, yes is about that with several love types included, but not all well developed. I’m not familiar with the Charles Baxter novel so I do not know if is faithful or not to the book, but it seems that even in the book the lesbian story could be short. Shame as the first fifteen minutes or so of this movie are very good as you actually can see in Selma Blair’s eyes how she’s falling for attractive and assertive Stana Katic. Then there is a very nice but extremely short scene of the two together.

The movie and the story are not that bad, but definitively it would have been better if the Jenny (Katic) and Kathryn (Blair) sideline story would become the same as the other Bradley Smith (Greg Kinnear) stories and in the end all being friends, like he does with his second ex; but who knows why they didn’t wanted to explore further this relationship.

Anyway this is a heart-warmer story and film with good actors and good performances, especially by always-marvelous Morgan Friedman and beautiful newcomer Alexa Davalos.

Not a masterpiece, but is entertaining enough for me to say that most likely women will love it as a romantic and love themed movie. Think I’ll give it the label, as the few minutes with the lesbian story are really very nice to watch, so nice that they leave you wanting for more!

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