Friday, January 18, 2008


I think I was expecting another 300 but have to say that is not at all. I liked 300 special effects and they truly marveled me, but here the special effects animation seem that need a lot more development as they still look like fake human movements. Just take a look at the monsters they move quite well, perhaps because you do not relate it to any human.

Of course I was curious to see the animated version of Angelina Jolie and my only disappointment is that she is shown for what it seems like less than five minutes in the whole movie. The animated Angelina was not that bad, maybe because her eyes were open, while all the other characters had semi-closed eyes.

The story is about kings that sin and get rewarded for what they sin, until the sinner -or someone else- kills his son. Gosh, that sounds awful, but it is like that. Not a very interesting story if you ask me. Still some are saying that the best way to see this movie is in 3D, but definitively even if the animation looks better the story would not improve at all.

So if you skip this movie you will not be missing much, except seeing a quite interesting animated version of Angelina Jolie. lol!

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