Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Awards News

By now most of you know that there will be NO Golden Globes ceremony next Sunday and instead there will be a press conference that still will be telecast by NBC, which most assume will do “something” besides the one hour press conference.

I imagine I’ll be watching… but, most of us will miss the red carpet and all the unexpected things that always happen in this show. By the way this cancellation means the loss of US$80 million to the local economy, you know the parties and all the other things that are attached to this multimillion dollar show.

Even if the Academy Awards is still 48 days away and if the strike is not settled by then, the show could be also cancelled. If so, the local economy will loose US$130 million and we will have to wait for another year to see the mother of all awards and the mammoth telecast that always is 3+ hours without the red carpet affairs.

If you like movie awards shows, then this year seems to have started bad for you and me. Shame. We will miss criticizing everything they did wrong, as we always keep mum about what they did right.

Hope they find a solution to the strike so we (people from all over the world) can see the 2008 Oscar telecast.

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