Thursday, January 03, 2008

80th Academy Awards Reminder List

If you’re as curious as me to find out what’s going on with the Academy Awards take a look at a very long list of “Eligible Releases for Distinguished Achievements” during 2007.

I started to wonder about this list when elsewhere I read that Lust, Caution could be a contender for Best Film! Yes, Best Film and not only Best Foreign Language Film… Who knows if is possible as is not in English, but gee if they’re considering this film for the top award, won’t be strange that has high odds to win in the Foreign Language Film category.

Also take notice that most of the Countries Official Submissions to the foreign language film category are NOT in this list. So, I imagine that the list got shorter by now.

Anyway by the end of the month we will finally know the nominations for this “mother” (yes, Oscar is a woman… lol!) of all awards!

The list is here.

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