Friday, January 25, 2008

80th Academy Awards News

Feel like sharing with you the poster of the 80 Years of Best Picture Winners (not to be confused with the official poster which is in the nominations post) as I find it interesting. Also here are some nominee’s reactions that I found worth sharing.

“I’m always one to completely deny that anything good is going to happen. While I was trying to play it cool, when I heard (director) Jason (Reitman)’s name I screamed. We’ve been playing the texting game all morning. You never expect this. It’s unbelievable. One of the reasons I adored this film was that when reading the screenplay I could tell how refreshing it was. It’s about a teenager you haven’t seen before. ‘Hard Candy’ helped me immensely. I’m grateful for that film.”
Ellen Page, actress, “Juno”

“The thing with the Coens is they know how to make something so unique. They take complex things, turn it around and make it simple. I really relied on them. In the book, there’s no physical description of my character. As an actor, I get lost a lot of times. I’m hired to get lost, but you’re protected once you get lost and that’s what the Coens are good at. A Coen brothers movie comes with a label of quality.”
Javier Bardem, “No Country for Old Men”

"The picture lives in the hearts of the people that love it and I'm super happy I made it. I'm not big on having parties so I'm just going to have dinner with friends tonight. I just hope that the powers that be will get with Writer' Guild and work things out so we can have an Oscar show because there's some wonderful work that deserves to be recognized. Making art is an act of peace so if we cant fix Hollywood, how are we gonna fix the Middle East?"
Julian Schnabel, director, "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly"

"It’s still a surprise and I’m so happy for our three noms and to share this with. We were well prepared for this film. It was a very creative time for all of us. It took a little while to find the right balance between the make up and light and soon as we saw the pictures, we knew it was OK."
Marion Cotillard, actress, “La Vie en Rose”

“What’s most gratifying to me is Sarah Polley getting a nomination for screenplay adaptation. I was afraid she wouldn’t be recognized. I wondered if they were going to get this great piece of work. I’m very glad I did it because it’s a terribly important issue. We’ve got to face the fact that we’re living longer. This is the comeuppance of wishing for immortality. Back in the day we weren’t so obsessed about them (Oscars) in England. I didn’t know about the Academy Awards. I didn’t know what it was. I got the smell of the thing that it was terribly important but I wasn’t interested in it, but I figured maybe I could get something out of this. I told them I would go if my boyfriend and I could get a holiday in the desert. It almost feels the same today.”
Julie Christie, actress, “Away From Her”

“It’s been incredible. I would describe this day as effervescent. I fell out of my bed screaming when Jason got nominated. With all our nominations, this would be a 4-by-4 if we were at In-N-Out Burger. Seeing us take our place alongside films like ‘No Country for Old Men’ and ‘There Will Be Blood’ is pretty good company. I’m thrilled to have this happen so early in my career and excited to do more.”
Diablo Cody, original screenplay, “Juno”

“I woke up this morning and had time to eat all my nails. I always wanted to make this for everyone. You have to make it personal. I didn’t want it to become an ethnic story. I wanted to show the humanity. No matter where you come from, it has to be an individual story. Making it in live action would be a big mistake. It would lose something.”
Marjane Satrapi, “Persepolis”

"I'm in total disbelief. I'm thrilled but kind of in shock too. It's been such a strange year and I'm bowled over by the life of the film. It's more than I could have ever hoped. This now adds a very surreal element to it."
Sarah Polley, adapted screenplay, "Away From Her"

If you like to read more reactions go here and if you feel like purchasing the 80 years poster you can do it here.

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