Thursday, December 20, 2007

Then She Found Me

Produced, co written, and directed by Helen Hunt, who also has the lead role, this drama/comedy is a very good, smart and seriously funny that absolutely will appeal to those so-called sophisticated audiences. Her debut as a director is as good as her acting and here plays April a 39 years-old New York teacher that is painfully aware of her ticking biological time clock and desperately wants to have a child of her own.

Before I continue with the story, have to say that probably only because she was doing everything in this movie, here we are able to see a de-glamorized Helen Hunt that believably does her character and allows her to show how well she can perform. Her character has vertiginous mood swings and she-the actress and she-the director amazingly maneuvers to control her character and the movie consistency.

So the story gets a little complicated when in less than a week April’s husband (Matthew Broderick) of a few months tells her he made a mistake and leaves, her adopted mother (Lynn Cohen) dies, her biological mother (Bette Midler) appears, and she falls for the father (Colin Firth) of one of her students. I just read what I wrote and sounds so plain, but no, this movie has nothing plain and with very good performances by actors doing odd well-developed characters the comedy moments are seriously funny and drama moments are seriously good. I laughed a lot. I wish I could tell you more about the story, but I’ll be giving serious spoilers.

The strangest moment in the movie was when I saw April’s obstetrician, gee I was shocked by the cameo that Salman Rushdie did. What is he doing here??? No idea, but it was a very distracting moment. Well, I really like Colin Firth and even if his character is quite odd and a little difficult to get, he does an excellent performance.

The movie had its North American premiere at the 2007 Toronto fest and will have the USA premier at the Palm Springs fest.

I do recommend this movie to adult audiences that love smart well-done independent movies.


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