Sunday, December 30, 2007

St Trinian’s

The sixth in a series of films based on the works of cartoonist Ronald Searle -the first film done in 1954- and almost everyone saying that is terrible compared to the previous five. Since I have not seen any previous one, I cannot compare them, but I can say that the story is predictable using many standard and cliché gimmicks looking for laughs.

Still, I feel this is a parody of many other movies and almost sure that the casting influenced the screenplay. The story is about the anarchical school for young ladies that are absolutely ungovernable and crazy, but most are very beautiful to your eyes. The girls save the school from bankruptcy by stealing the painting “Girl With a Pearl Earring”.

So, who is one of the stars? None other than Colin Firth (remember the movie Girl With a Pearl Earring?) playing the Education Minister. Then we also have Rupert Everett in a dual role as Miss Camilla Fritton (played in drag) and as a Carnaby Fritton. As there is a big -really big- cast we see small roles going to Mischa Barton, Lena Headey (from Imagine Me & You), Stephen Fry, Celia Imrie and many more.

The only reason I find to suggest you to see the movie is that is an all girls school with all kind of girls types and some very nice looking girls and teachers; and even if is truly a very silly story, it gets better if you know before hand that is more a parody than anything else.

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