Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Roman de Gare (Crossed Tracks)

It’s been a long time since my last Claude Lelouch movie and I still remember and will never forget the first one I saw, the immortal A Man and A Woman. His latest movie will totally remind you of the 60’s Lelouch and will allow you to recognize him as a fantastic storyteller and filmmaker.

This movie is supposed to be a crime story and there is a sort of crime, but mainly is about romance with the outstanding music of Gilbert Bècaud. Honestly its been a long, long time since I did see a movie like this one that makes me feel so good and happy, and when the movie is over you truly say “how cute”.

Besides who could resist seeing a Fanny Ardant movie? Not me. She’s the lead and plays a successful writer that as many writers, uses her assistant to gather ideas for her characters. So Pierre, the assistant played by Dominique Pinon, finds ideas in the most uncommon ways and eventually decides its time to write his own novel with unexpected results.

I know, this is not a masterpiece or art cinema, this is very good light French cinema that will grab your attention rapidly and will keep it until the very end when you will feel very joyful as has all the ingredients: suspense, thriller, crime and romance plus great performances by all the leads including superb Fanny Ardant.

The movie premiered as a special screening in the 2007 Cannes. Have to say that is the perfect movie for the last day of the year, as makes you so happy that for sure you’ll have a very Happy New Year.

I recommend this movie to all those that love Claude Lelouch style and those who like light and very good French movies.


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