Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Flock

The first Wai-keung Lau English language film (he did the Infernal Affairs trilogy) is quite a surprise as it is very good. Tells about a very sensitive subject: sexual offenders, but does it quite well and much less disturbing than 8MM. Besides being a crime genre, it is also a drama told by means of showing the last days before a forced retirement of a hyper-vigilant employee of the department of public safety and the training of his young female replacement.

Richard Gere plays agent Eroll Babbage and his troubled performance is quite good, I tend to like him in those performances that are not romance related. Claire Danes plays Allison Laurie and this role is made for her. As I mentioned many times I believe she is a good actress, but most of his latest movies her roles does not allow her to show how good she can be. Also here with a small appearance is Avril Lavigne.

The movie has many stories behind that I find are related to a non-Hollywood director doing a Hollywood movie and producers wanting to make a movie that is a crowd-pleaser, so they will make money in USA. But, even if the pace is fast and the editing is very good to give you a dizziness sensation, I just wonder what was like the first cut that seems was modified for the released version.

On other note I had no idea that public safety agents went to work with no defense training and no way to protect themselves, this amazes and puzzles me. I understand that someone has to do the job and it seems is a regular person in a regular administrative job. This seems very strange to me.

Not a regular choice for entertainment, but I find it an attention grabber and non-exploitative of the sensitive subject. There are one or two scenes that you can always close your eyes not to see ugly fake cadavers. Perhaps some of you will give it a try it is worth it.

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