Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Away From Her

I like actress Sarah Polley and her movies because she’s always in very strange and arty films, so when I learned that she directed a movie, it became a must be seen for me. Now I found that not only is her first time directing but she also wrote the screenplay based on the short story "The Bear Came Over the Mountain" by Alice Munro and the best part is that the movie is good as a film and the story it tells.

The movie tells about older age and Alzheimer but does it with such empathy as it tells about a romance that develops between two institutionalized patients and the patient's husband and wife that have to cope with it.

Very nice cinematography and editing (done by Polley's spouse) that moves in time forward and backward to make the story less common and a lot more interesting. Some scenes have such a great framing that look like paintings.

But this movie will not have been the same without the excellent casting. First and foremost we have beautiful Julie Christie (hard to believe how good she looks) playing Fiona the wife of Gordon that becomes a patient. She delight us with a more than outstanding performance that already has given her great accolades and honors which she truly deserves them. Just for her performance the movie is a must be seen, but it is great that there are other good things in the movie.

Then you have great Olympia Dukakis that always is good playing the wife of the patient that Fiona falls for and Gordon Pinsent that plays Fiona’s husband and his performance makes you feel his despair.

I really do not know if the movie is or is not Alzheimer accurate –some viewers are discussing this matter- as I believe this is a beautiful love story that will wet your eyes but when is over it will make you feel uplifted and cheerful.

The movie has already won several awards and nominations for Sarah Polley, Julie Christie and Gordon Pinsent, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Julie Christie gets an Oscar nomination and more, she’s very good here.

If you like romance with light drama then this is a must be seen for you.


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