Sunday, December 16, 2007

Elizabeth the Golden Age

Nice study of power with impressive costumes and outstanding scenery especially the burning of the Spanish Armada and Elizabeth I standing in a cliff, majestic! The movie is visually stunning and I think that this majestic high production values damages the human story as somehow minimizes the actors, with one exception: Cate Blanchett with a truly outstanding performance and obviously she’s the lead so no one can minimize her or the movie would have been a total disaster.

Still is a bit melodramatic with a script loosely based on historic facts with many artistic licenses. Tells about Elizabeth I falling for Walter Raleigh who was in love with Elizabeth’s favorite lady in waiting. Many other things happen but basically this is the plot essence where all other situation rotate.

But truth is that just for having the pleasure to see Cate Blanchett performance you can endure the pounding musical score, loud sounds and all the other distractions of a movie that tries too hard to tell so much in such a pompous way.

Have to say that I loved Elizabeth, the first one, but this one is not even near to the great movie the first was. Again, Cate Blanchett saves the movie (she did it in I’m Not There) and gee, this actress should be doing better movies -the kind that she does not have to save- as we will enjoy more the global experience.

Not very often one has the opportunity of seeing two consecutive Cate Blanchett movies and I just did it. It is a great experience to see her in the big screen; she’s like a chameleon and really transforms herself. To think that in one she was a man and in the other she was a Virgin Queen just blows my mind, as she is believable in both roles.

I think she deserves all the best actress nominations she’s getting for this role, as she is very good. The movie is for all audiences that enjoy history inspired movies and absolutely is a must be seen for those that enjoy magnificent Cate Blanchett performances.

Enjoy! -only Cate Blanchett performance-

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