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Monday, December 17, 2007

29th New Latin American Cinema International Film Festival Winners

Here are the Coral Prize winners for feature films.

First Prize: Silent Light, Carlos Reygadas, Mexico, France and Netherlands
Second Prize: El Año que mis Padres Salieron de Vacaciones, Cao Hamburguer, Brazil
Third Prize: El Otro, Ariel Rotter, Argentina, France and Spain
Special Jury Prize: Madrigal, Fernando Perez, Cuba and Spain
Jury Mention: Fiestapatria, Luis R. Vera, Chile and Peru
Director: Carlos Reygadas for Silent Light
Male Performer: Julio Chavez for El Otro
Female Performer: Roxana Blanco for Matar a Todos, Esteban Schoroeder, Uruguay

Opera Prima
First Prize: La Casa de Alicia, Chico Teixeira, Brazil
Second Prize: Partes Usadas, Aaron Fernandez Lesur, Mexico
Third Prize: Personal Belongings, alejandro Brugues, Cuba
Best Artistic Contribution: Pablo Fendrik for El Asaltante, Argentina
Mention: La Leon, Santiago Otheguy, Argentina and France

FIPRESCI Prize: Una Novia Errante, Ana Katz, Argentina
SIGNIS Prize: Matar a Todos, Esteban Schroeder, Uruguay
UNICEF Prize: XXY, Lucia Puenzo, Argentina, France and Spain

I really want to see El Otro and of course I'm "dying" to see Stellet Licht or Silent Light or Luz Silenciosa!

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