Monday, December 10, 2007

2007 Australia Film Institute AFI Awards Winners

With the closing of the year there are many 2007 Awards happening allover the world. I’ll post some of those awards. To start I’m posting about the Australia Film Institute Awards.

Feature Film

Best Film: Romulus, My Father – Robert Connolly and John Maynard
Best Direction: The Home Song Stories – Tony Ayres
Best Screenplay: The Home Song Stories – Tony Ayres
Best Lead Actor: Eric Bana - Romulus, My Father
Best Lead Actress: Joan Chen – The Home Song Stories
Best Supporting Actor: Marton Csokas – Romulus, My Father
Best Supporting Actress: Emma Booth - Clubland
Best Cinematography: The Home Song Stories - Nigel Bluck
Best Editing: The Home Song Stories – Denise Haratzis ASE
Best Sound: Noise – Emma Bortignon, Doron Kipen and Philippe Decrausaz
Best Original Music Score: The Home Song Stories – Antony Partos
Best Production Design: The Home Song Stories – Melinda Doring
Best Costume Design: The Home Song Stories – Cappi Ireland

The two multiple award winners are movies that I have to see. If you want to check all the award winners in the various categories go here, you need to have Adobe Reader installed, as is a pdf file.

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