Wednesday, December 12, 2007

14th Slamdance Film Festival

Concurrently to the Sundance fest there is this fest that takes place in Park City, Utah from January 17-25, 2008. Most interesting is this characteristic: “The competition feature program is reserved for first time feature directors working with budgets under one million dollars, thus supporting the Festival’s mission to give exposure to emerging filmmaking talent”. Also interesting is: “We don’t just think about theatrical and DVD release – we know our demographic, and they want to watch movies on their iPods, their computers, on YouTube. By embracing all of these different platforms, we’re better equipped to help our filmmakers find an audience.”

Narrative Feature Competition

Fix, World Premiere (2008, 90 min, USA)
Written/Directed by Tao Ruspoli
This darkly comedic road movie journeys from Beverly Hills to Watts over the course of 12 hours, as documentary filmmakers Bella and Milo race to get Milo's brother Leo from jail to rehab before 8 p.m. – or Leo goes to prison for three years.

Frost, World Premiere (2008, 92 min, USA)
Written/Directed by Steve Clark
When a Manhattan playboy learns his childhood love is engaged he is forced to face the demons of his past and grow up.

Glory Boy Days, World Premiere (2008,100 min, USA)
Written/Directed by Paul Encinas
A story about a group of young adults in the prime of their lives, in a time where being young makes you invincible, and being invincible makes you complacent.

Jetsam, North American Premiere (2007, 84 min, UK)
Written/Directed by Simon Welsford
Starring Alex Reid and Shauna Macdonald
An amnesiac woman is washed up on a beach and attacked by a man who washed up next to her. On the run from this stranger, she pieces her life back together, uncovering a world of spies, obsession and betrayal.

How To Be, World Premiere (2008, 83 min, UK)
Written/Directed by Oliver Irving
A wry comedy about twenty-something Art who moves back in with his parents, hits a quarter-life crisis and enlists the help of a live-in self-help guru. A timely look at the increasingly common phenomena of grown-up children living at home, frustrated creativity, and self-help.

Paranormal Activity (2007, 99 min, USA)
Written/Directed by Oren Peli
A supernatural thriller featuring shocking footage of a demonic haunting.

Portage, US Premiere (2007, 89 min, CANADA)
Written/Directed by Matthew Miller, Ezra Krybus, Sascha Drews
In this sensual, intense drama, a quartet of teenage girls embark on a canoe trip with a male guide. After his accidental death, they find themselves trapped in the wilderness and have to fend for themselves to find their way back to safety.

The Project, World Premiere (2008, 90 min, USA)
Written/Directed by Ryan Piotrowicz
Starring Michael Stahl David, Matt Servitto, and Juelz Santana
Three film student graduates move to New York City to make a documentary about inner city life, where they soon find themselves becoming active participants in a world they hoped to only observe.

The New Year Parade, World Premiere (2008, 90 min, USA)
Written/Directed by Tom Quinn
In the first year of their parents' separation, two siblings struggle for confidence in their own relationships.

Under the Snow, North American Premiere (2007, 99 min, SPAIN)
Written/Directed by Candela Figueira and Maitena Muruzabal
Following the unusual connection made between four workers at different stages of their lives, capturing factory life in a way rarely seen: personal, flirtatious, introspective.

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