Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Pusinky (Dolls or Kisses)

First film by beautiful Karin Babinska who directed and co-wrote the script for this road movie about three teenagers who are very close friends, just finished high school and decided to go to Holland to try to get jobs to stay together so the bond they been seeing growing does not dissapear. During the trip they realize that their childhood is definitely over and they are grown up women instead, and the friendship they have been building for all this time is not entirely functional as they thought it were.

As the director says “the film is actually about the confrontation of someone’s previous naïve view of the world with the real observation of life. But the film is not only about slaps in the face – far from it; it is also about smiles. Because that’s the way it is…” and definitively there is a lot of expected and unexpected drama when three young girls hit the road. Most interesting is a particular scene that happens almost at the end of the movie so I suggest viewers to see the drama developing, as there is a very nice ending.

The movie is quite good as a movie with very interesting and well-developed lead characters played by Marie Dolezalova (Iska), Sandra Novakova (Karolina), and the best role as well as the best performance goes to Petra Nesvacilova (Vendula).

This bittersweet coming of age drama is a must be seen in the genre if you like road movies with three cute young girls.


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