Thursday, November 29, 2007


Truly Brilliant! And remember that I’m no fan of animated movies, but this one is a lot more than a regular animated movie and I believe that the animation eases a little this funny, clever and bittersweet autobiographical account of Marjane Satrapi youth.

Based on the four volumes of her comics, the animated version shows so much soul that at moments you feel you’re not seeing an animated movie, but a black and white recount of the history of a country from the 70’s to the 90’s. And if you know Iran’s recent history, you know the movie story, which makes it even more outstanding as it keeps your attention and interest even when you know what they’re showing.

But it is also a recount of the life of women in many countries, of people that chose to leave their homeland searching for freedom and a coming-of-age in difficult external circumstances that mark you forever. It’s a movie about feeling like a foreigner in where you live including your own country. It is a universal story.

Lately I been able to see award-winning movies and while most are excellent as movies, many recount history as a personal story. This one is special, different and very, very touching. Is a true masterpiece and a work of animation that manages to be artistically brilliant, politically rich, morally engaging and emotional overwhelming. Fantastic!

You have to read about the making of this movie is as amazing as the movie itself, so I suggest that if you read French do a Google search for French sites.

The movie has been honored with many awards and nominations, has become the France official submission to the 2008 Oscar’s and particularly won the Prix du Jury at the 2007 Cannes.

A must be seen by everyone. I’ll be seeing this again and again, as definitively is a keeper that I’ll treasure in my collection.

BIG Enjoy!!!

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