Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Los Borgia (The Borgia)

Another biopic about perhaps one of the most controversial families in history and you would expect some interesting story and even some Machiavellian intention behind at least the Cesar Borgia character, if not also his sister Lucrecia Borgia.

Unfortunately this movie was shot for TV and cut for theatrical purposes and it does really look like a bad TV mini series with mainly indoors scenes and a story that could belong to many nowadays families, but hardly the Borgia’s.

Perhaps is one of the most plain and dull biopic’s I have seen and have to admit that saw it complete until the end, maybe because I couldn’t believe someone had imagined such a boring story out of the most outrageous family in the world’s history and in a way I was waiting for something to happen that could convince me that I was seeing a movie about the Borgia’s.

Please avoid this movie that I absolutely do not recommend.

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