Sunday, November 04, 2007

Сталкер (Lambykins) (Stalker)

A fascinating movie by Andrei Tarkovsky not only because how the movie is made, the exquisite dialogues and the story but also because there is a tragic story behind the making of this outstanding movie.

Lets start with the story that is a very simple science fiction tale about a meteorite or perhaps an UFO that fell to earth twenty years ago. The site had to be surrounded with wired fences and armed forces, as those that go in do not comeback. The site is known as The Zone and there are men that illegally take others into The Zone, these men are called Stalkers. One stalker takes two men into The Zone where there is The Room where your most inner desires are granted. That’s the outline of the story, but be prepared for a highly metaphoric and deeply haunting treatise on the essence of the soul.

Can you imagine a science fiction film with NO special effects? Well, this is one film that even if you know is based in a sci-fi tale it becomes more like a thriller thanks to the outstanding slow pace, very long shots, unbelievable cinematography, great music and the most incredible way of using the camera to generate tension, thrills and anguish. At the end you will not see absolutely nothing special in this movie and everything that the movie will make you feel comes from the director use of all his limited resources (due to the tragic story). It is simply amazing and extraordinary.

Visually this movie will drive you absolutely mad from one of the very first takes that makes you think you’re about to see something from outer space and well, no it is not, is just a simple bedroom with a bed. Then you have the tunnel, this scene is not only visually extraordinary but will make you feel such tension and apprehension that for a moment you fail to notice that there is absolutely nothing to fear or scary in the scene.

Tarkovsky is a Master filmmaker and storyteller. Is only my second movie and I’m absolutely captivated by this unbelievable way of doing movies. This is a must be seen director and hope some of you readers will be able to have the amazing experience of watching this movie.

I was wondering why the movie has this name as the word suggests someone stalking another; but I found that the name comes from the older sense of the word meaning a tracker of game. With this information the name and the movie make total sense to me.

As I mentioned there is a tragic story behind the making of this masterpiece as this is a two-part story and the first part had to be filmed twice, as when developing the film the supplier ruined the negative and everything was lost. One year of work was lost. Can you imagine that? You have to see the DVD extras to learn this awful story.

This is an high art movie, but I sense that has wider audiences as it may appeal to those that need to see a clear story in a movie; but then the clear story is not as interesting as the finding of what everything means and believe me, everything has a meaning here. Nevertheless, this is a must be seen movie for all serious cinema lovers.


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