Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I Know Who Killed Me

I just finished reading about this movie and not many (almost no one) liked this movie. So, it is no surprise that I did!!! Well to be accurate I almost like it.

The movie starts very promising and as the plot develops it gets you into the story that as they start to give more clues you become puzzled and interested, that’s it until they uncover the “truth” and the story becomes totally silly and dumb. But the good part is that’s almost at the end.

The movie is very graphical for my taste and here you have too much blood and torture scenes that are very disgusting, but then you can always close your eyes!

So, why did I like it? This is a Blue Movie and by this I mean the color blue that’s used in many objects including blue roses, blue gloves, blue many things and is “electric blue” that looks amazingly beautiful in some scenes. You have to see this to amaze your eyes. Then you have Lindsay Lohan that performs quite good and I just regret that the director, the producers and/or the writer didn’t know how to end the story or perhaps only the movie, got totally lost and the alternative ending proves my point.

To me this movie is a good example of surely producers messing with the script and production to make a teenager attractive movie and they just spoil what could have been a good non-teenager story and thriller. I really hope that they learned they lesson, as they surely are loosing big bucks with this movie.

Anyway tells the story of a girl that is abducted and tortured by a serial killer and when she manages to escape she says that she’s not who they think she is. That’s the good part of the story and the movie that luckily lasts more than three quarters of its total length. Can’t tell you the bad part of the story and movie, as I’ll be giving huge spoilers. By the way, I guessed right who the killer was since the very beginning, but this is not a who done it thriller, is more about the drama and the confusion you get from who this girl really is.

I suppose that not many people will be interested in seeing this movie, but I suggest to give it a try just for the first three quarters (if you see it be sure to see the alternative ending) and to see the beautiful “electric blue” effects.

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