Thursday, November 22, 2007


First feature film by Dutch star photographer and music video director Anton Corbijn and is truly, truly mesmerizing! You can't get your eyes from the screen following amazing frames that could easily become beautiful black and white photography’s. This is an amazing transition from photographer to filmmaker, not to be missed by everybody that loves photography and especially black and white photography.

This is a biography of the later years of Ian Curtis, but believe me it is much more than a simple biography film and the story becomes so interesting because some key points, extraordinary black and white cinematography that has texture and really it goes from black to white with many shades of gray; truly amazing performance by Sam Riley as you really believe that he is Ian Curtis –even if I do not know him- and incredibly good post-punk or new wave music!

See, I’m not familiar with Manchester band Joy Division or Ian Curtis so I’m writing this before finding some info about them and the movie, because I wanted to express my spontaneous reaction to the movie. Which is truly amazing even if you do not know the band. Well, I finished reading and saw some videos of the original band in Youtube and believe that Sam Riley did an incredible performance as he looks like him

Think I found the right word for this movie; this is a very unusual movie that will capture you even when the story is weak. Based on the book by his widow Deborah Curtis the story centers more in his struggles with his epilepsy seizures, balancing the requirements of his job, his family life and his affair with Annik Honoré played by very beautiful Alexanda Maria Lara.

Reading Curtis bio learned that there are many myths created around the reasons why a 23 years old lad will kill himself; this knowledge allows me to understand why Corbijn chose to do the story without getting into the myths so do not expect much drama or answers to questions about why he did it. By the way I think that this was clever, as makes the story more interesting and at the same time confusing (in a good way) as keeps you waiting for more.

The movie has been winning numerous awards since its premiere at 2007 Cannes where won a Special Mention Camera D’Or, and within the Director’s Fortnight section the Prix Regards Jeunes, Special Mention in Art et Essai and the Label Europe Cinema or Best European Film.

Sam Riley is nominated for best actor in the 2007 British Independent Film Award and already won the Silver Hugo at 2007 Chicago Festival. Some are saying that he could get an Academy Award nomination and if he does, he truly deserves it.

This is an art film that I believe has an audience beyond art cinema lovers as it is so good and so unusual that those that like music videos will simply love it, band fans will love the songs, and definitively those that enjoy European cinema.


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