Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Bee Movie

Trying to cheer me up after seeing Coeurs I saw this movie hoping to laugh and have a nice fantasy moment like I did with A Bug’s Life or Antz… well, it didn’t cheer me up at all and found it to be a very silly movie with a silly story. Still the graphics and animation are quite good and pleasant to see.

The movie has not been well received by critics or viewers and is a movie that seems to go to extremes, either you love it or you wont like it that much. Me, I’m in the later, but I imagine that some of the readers will be in the first.

I’m no Jerry Sienfield fan and most of the time his comic routine even bothers me. Here he doesn’t bother me at all not even because he or his voice is in every scene of the movie; so it was a great opportunity to make me (and many others) like him, but the lack of a “credible” story or at least an interesting story was totally missed by him that co-wrote the script.

The movie tells the story of a bee that does not settle to have one job for the rest of his life and while he’s exploring his possibilities he ends up suing the human race for stealing the honey… see, it is very silly, but in a way the story reminds me about the real life situation in the news not long ago about bees being in danger of extinction and the terrible consequences it would bring to human life.

Anyway I imagine that some of the blog readers will see the movie and perhaps half will agree with me and the other half will disagree. But if you decide to skip the movie, don’t worry you’ll not be missing much.

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