Sunday, November 25, 2007


Hope all of you had nice holidays, mine were great and I’m just sorry that I’m back!! But the good news is that I was able to see one very good movie that after seeing a few not so good (I won’t bother to write about them) this was just like a fresh breeze.

This epic drama and romance film is based on Ian McEwan novel and tells the story of how a 13 years old Brioni Tallis in one beautiful summer day and night ruins several lives, especially the life or her sister Cecilia Tallis (Keira Knightley) and her lover Robbie Turner (James McAvoy).

The movie directed by Joe Wright (also directed 2005 Pride and Prejudice) does a great job adapting the novel to the screen and is one of the most faithful adaptations that you will be able to see. The first third of the movie has very good countryside locations, nice slow pace and great takes, the second third has one particular grandiose battlefield scene and the last third is where the story is uncovered so be prepared for some unexpected things, that’s it if you haven’t read the novel.

But what is really astonishing are McAvoy and Knightley performances they excel in their roles and are generating Oscar buzz from critics and viewers. They are really good. Also good is Saoirse Roan that plays Brioni Tallis and she does such very good performance that even if her character is one not to really like you will be following her in every scene she’s in. In a very small but crucial scene you will be able to see Vanessa Redgrave that closes the movie magnificently and performs as she always does.

This is a must be seen for those that enjoyed movies like Pride and Prejudice and for some reason this film reminded me of that old movie The English Patient, so if you like it then you will like this one too. But mainly, is a movie not to miss because excellent performances by leads.


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