Sunday, October 07, 2007

Vier Minuten (Four Minutes)

I just loved this movie! Great film. Why? Besides the outstanding music, the fabulous and brilliant four minutes finale, and the great acting the movie shows enough of the story for you to imagine as much as you wish. It’s the viewers’ choice.

Of course with my wild imagination I saw a story that really blew my mind, my body, and I was in the edge of my seat almost all the movie. I even jumped and burst into applause at the end, which I never do!

But, as what happens with movies that leave too much to your imagination, if your imagination does not find a way to flourish, then you will see only the story they are telling, which by the way is told bit by bit along the movie. The story is about two women from extreme opposite generations, the older one is trying to redeem herself and the younger is trying to find a way out of their lockdown life. That’s the story, but if you start to” read between the lines” the door is open to much more than what the narrative is telling us. Just pay attention to the acting and perhaps your own door can be opened into much more. Fantastic!

Director Chris Kraus’s script is packed with drama, thrills and explosive secrets, but Hannah Herzsprung (the younger woman) gives a meteoric debut performance that matches the performance of more seasoned actress Monica Bleibtreu. Just for their performances the movie is a must be seen.

The movie has been conquering many accolades and awards in festivals around the world, among them is the Best Film in 2006 Shanghai and Reykjavik festivals, Golden Beaver & Audience Award Biberach 2006; Best Up and Coming Actress for Hannah Herszprung, Best Actress for Monica Bleibtreu, Best Screeplay, VGF Producer’s Prize in the 2006 Bavarian Film Awards; Best Direction, FIPRESCI Award for Best Film Sofia 2007; Best Film, Best Leading Actress for Monica Bleibtreu in the 2007 German Film awards and more. I do not doubt that as long as the film continues the festival circuit will get more honors in almost every category.

There is some lesbian interest in this movie and I am wondering if I should give it or not the label. Think I will as this movie is as good as other European gay interest movies I have been seeing lately, where the characters sexual preference is key to the story but is not the story. Great that I was able to see this movie that makes me feel that the genre is progressing, at least in Europe.

Very complete and well-done movie that is not for all audiences but for those that love excellent European cinema.

Hope some of you readers can enjoy this movie as much as I did.


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