Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Sex Movie

What an awful name for such a fun, thought-provoking and brilliantly shot movie that I almost skip seeing as the title was totally unappealing to me. But, actually after seeing the movie I totally understand why they named this movie like this, because this movie is all about sex!

Can you imagine four friends getting together after not seeing each other for a long while and in the group you have a straight man, a bisexual woman, a gay man and a lesbian? And also imagine that they start to talk about stuff, but soon the conversation turns into sex and little mischievous verbal challenges? Well, you’re imagining this movie. But as in any conversation things can get intense when you touch personal matters and with challenges in the air, anything can happen and believe me it does happen.

This movie is mostly all talk and almost no action, but what a witty conversations they have especially when they start to go after each other’s insecurities with eventually airing deep secrets.

The movie does feel like a theater play as all happens in one night and in one set, but have to say that the four actors are quite good looking and give good performances. You have here Michelle Mosley that plays Kris the bisexual woman (she sort of looks like Tina Fey), then very cute Eleese Longino plays Heidi the lesbian, Mike Fallon plays Rafe the gay guy and Matthew Tyler plays J.D. the macho straight dude.

You have to enjoy almost all talk movies to be able to like this movie and be prepared to hear things that perhaps you usually do not talk with friends, unless they are very close friends.

I really liked this movie and I do recommend it strongly to everyone that wants to hear about many true things related to emotional hidden feelings, sexual preferences and even some sexual taboos. With the extremely nice ending I should have been satisfied, but no, I wanted more and I’m really sorry that I didn’t see it with friends as I would love to continue the conversation. But I can see it again with friends another day and I’m sure that the conversation will continue.

Have to thank a dearest reader of this blog for remind me to see this movie. Many, many thanks!


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