Monday, October 29, 2007

J’Attends Quelqu’un (Waiting for Someone)

This film tells a simple and ordinary story about emotions when you are waiting for someone or want something from someone. There are three parallel stories that are related mainly because the characters are related or know each other and because all three have some secrets that keep to themselves.

This Jérôme Bonnell film belongs to certain type of French films that show a slice of the lives of the characters, with no apparent plot and no evident drama involved, except emotions that are crucial at the moment they happen, but soon they’ll be left behind.

The movie has nice cinematography but this time I did not enjoyed the film as I couldn’t get really involved with any of the characters ordinary life situations, even when the ensemble cast performs quite well. So, unless you find a way to relate to at least one of the stories, chances are that you will not enjoy this movie.

However, one critic in Variety writes the following review that I include an excerpt for your consideration. “The emotional rhythms are perfectly observed in "Waiting for Someone," a delectably bittersweet ensembler in which the lives of half a dozen people in a provincial French town intersect. Third exquisitely crafted venture by writer-director Jerome Bonnell ("Olga's Chignon," "Les Yeux Clairs") doesn't hit a single false note in its delicate minuet of longing, workaday dissatisfaction and hope springing eternal. Anyone who likes or distributes serious French fare is almost certain to take pleasure in this human mosaic, which opened to good crix but more modest biz.”

I cannot recommend this movie.

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