Friday, October 05, 2007

The Invisible

I wasn’t going to write about this movie because it is a so-so movie, but after reading about it think I’ll share my two cents about this film.

Have to say that the acting is quite good and the story is interesting, except for the end that was way too much. Tells the story of two teens that are invisible, one due to his untimely death and the other due to neglect she’s endured since the death of her mother. Margarita Levieva plays the girl and she is really good.

But the reason I decided to write about this movie is that I found that is a remake of a 2002 Swedish film by the same name (aka Den Osynlige) and decided that I have to see the original as the story is really interesting and with a non-Hollywood style probably has to be better.

By the way, this is no teen horror flick, even if was marketed as such. This is a fantasy/drama with teen characters.

So, if you are near the DVD rent it and expect an interesting story with a so-so ending; but, it will be better to find the original Den Osynlige that has 6 awards and 1 nomination in European festivals and awards.

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