Tuesday, October 30, 2007

American Gangster

Directed by Ridley Scott this movie is based on a Mark Jacobson article published in the New York Magazine called The Return of Superfly that tells about the life of kingpin Frank Lucas (Denzel Washington) and Richie Roberts (Russell Crowe) the detective that uncovers his operation. But actually I think that this movie is an interesting dissection of corruption in American society. Also is an interesting story to see how any type of business can flourish by just applying some basic business rules… yeah, is about American entrepreneurs with unique vision to develop opportunities fast.

The movie is labeled as crime drama, but I find here very little crime common used resources like violence, which makes this movie more attractive to adults that to the younger audience that is looking for action and violence.

Have to say that Denzel and Russell have great performances that outshine many other actors in supporting roles. Then both actors had first hand inspiration in some special movie technical consultants: the real Lucas and Roberts.

In a way I find that this is a typical Ridley Scott movie, as tells a story that covers almost all the life of the main characters and he does it by telling enough information to develop the character and leaving very little gaps to be fill by viewers. Remember Gladiator?? As it happens in that movie there is nothing left to your imagination; which is good for some, but is bad for others like me.

It is a must be seen movie if you enjoy Ridley Scott, Denzel Washington and/or Russell Crowe, but the movie goes beyond the fan base of those actors and director, as has an interesting story; that’s it if you do not compare it to other movies like Blow or so many other movies that tell similar stories.

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