Tuesday, October 30, 2007

44th Golden Horse Awards

Last October 23rd the nominees for this Chinese language films awards were announced and here they are for the main categories.

Best Feature Film
What on earth have I done wrong?!, Niu Chen-zer
Tuya's Marriage, Wang Quanan
Getting Home, Zhang Yang
The Home Song Stories, Tony Ayres
Lust, Caution, Ang Lee

Best Director
Wang Quan An for Tuya's Marriage
YAU Nai Hoi for Eye in the Sky
Ang Lee for Lust, Caution
Li Yang for Blind Mountain

Best Leading Actor
Gurmit Singh for Just Follow Law
Zhao Ben Shan for Getting Home
Aaron Kwok for The Detective
Tony Leung Chiu Wei for Lust, Caution

Best Leading Actress
Yu Nan for Tuya's Marriage
Joan Chen for The Home Song Stories
LI Bing Bing for The Knot
Tang Wei for Lust, Caution

Best Original Screenplay
Bon Sek Yieng, Tan Wei Lyn Just Follow Law
Lu Wei Tuya's Marriage
Singing Chen, Lou Yi An God Man Dog
Tony Ayres The Home Song Stories

Best Screenplay Adaption
Izo Hashimoto, Szeto Kam Yuen Shamo
Jacob Cheung A Battle of Wits
Shu Ping, Kiang Wen, Guo Shi Xing The Sun Also Rises
Hui Ling Wang, James Schamus Lust, Caution

Best Cinematography
Yang Wei Han The Most Distant Course
Fung Yuen Man Shamo
Mark Ping Bin Lee The Matrimony
Rodrigo Prieto Lust, Caution

The Outstanding Taiwanese Film of the Year
What on earth have I done wrong?!
The Drummer
Secret Zoom

The Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year
Ang Lee
Jay Chou
Niu Chen Zer

Lifetime Achievement Award: Edward Yang

The Golden Horse Awards Ceremony will be held on November 25 in Taipei.

Worth to mention is that Lust, Caution with 11 nominations becomes the most nominated film; Tuya’s Marriage has 4 nominations in major categories, and Spider Lillies has one nomination for Best Original Song. Have to share with you that I haven’t been able to find any information about the movie “What on Earth have I Done Wrong?!”, except that the movie director is Niu Chen-zer and that is a political satire. This totally puzzles me!

To check nominees in the other categories go here.

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