Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Shoot ‘Em Up

I was dubious if I write or not about this movie, until I started to read about it. Then, I decided to write as there are a few things I like to share.

This movie is absolutely a total satire with Bugs Bunny (a constant carrot eating Clive Owen) and Elmer (Paul Giamatti that looks just like him!) –if you wish- as lead characters. The title clearly says what the movie is about, as everyone and I mean EVERYONE gets killed in the most fantasy like ways. Is an action movie with nothing more than action.

Monica Bellucci is in this movie as an object of beauty to tame the action for brief moments and create a different type of action. Nothing else.

I can’t believe that I’m going to write the following sentence, but I will do it. I liked the movie. Yes, I did and laugh a lot with all the totally unbelievable action scenes and this time I mean that you do not believe a thing. A totally ludicrous film and that’s why people can enjoy it, if they get it and do not look for a story or anything else but shoots and shoots.

To be honest, never before have I seen something like this and well, I’m not looking forward to find if there are other movies alike, but it was the most extremely fast voyage into fake violence that I have seen and it didn’t bother me a bit, as time goes by just like that, extremely fast. Each scene must have thousands of frames!

Also it does not bother at all that Clive Owen and Monica Bellucci are in the screen for almost all the movie.

Can’t say that I recommend this movie, but if you dare to see a movie that has nothing more than extreme unreal action then this is your cup of coffee for high adrenaline rush.

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