Saturday, September 15, 2007

Rosario Tijeras (Rosario)

I decided to watch this film with no expectations as had no idea what was about and even though it was a movie from Spain. No, it's not only from Spain, is a Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Brazil and France co production with a robust budget for a Latin American film.

The film tells the raw story of beautiful Rosario a woman born in Medellin, Colombia, abused by her stepfather, given by her brother to the drug lords and a killer for a living, in other words nothing extraordinary in many Latin American countries. There is a love story involved with all the look of a typical soap opera or telenovela where rich kids are involved, but I think that the linear plot is placed only to make easier the watching of a violent city, were drugs are freely sold/consumed and getting out of poverty is a must no matter what you have to do.

Not an easy to watch movie as is very raw, but quite accurate about the chaos in which many people live or try to live. This is live fast and die young Latin American style and very close to reality.

Still, for Latin American film standards is quite a good movie and Flora Martinez (Rosario) gives a good performance. The movie has five nominations in festivals in Spain, Mexico and France and won two awards in Colombia.

Not for all audiences, not because the violence but because the movie looks and feels like a cult movie. It’s a must be seen movie only if you know who Pedro Navaja is, as you can say that part of the Rosario character is a female Pedro Navaja. By the way just in case you are wondering what Tijeras means, is scissors and no, is not a Latin American or Spaniard last name.

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