Thursday, September 27, 2007

Resident Evil Extinction

Saw the previous ones and even Ultraviolet so I had to see this one too. It is full of action, zombies and some more or less special effects.

But the best part is the casting: Milla Jovovich is back (of course) and looks quite beautiful, Ali Later “the newcomer” as gossip columns are calling her is here as a brunette, Ashanti has a small role and also here cute Spencer Locke. What else do I have to say?

This installment is totally female dominated with all the above characters joining Milla with action moments. The story is weak (unless you’re a fan of the sci-fi tale that has been follow since the first installment), but with all the action, thrills and the few unexpected scares is entertaining enough.

Probably most people that sees this movie has never seen Hitchcock’s The Birds, but here there’s a scene where the birds attack and have to say that after so many years the special effects for the birds scenes on both movies look about the same. One could think that with the new technology, birds attacking could look more real.

Think the fourth installment has to be better with hundreds of Milla’s Alice clones in the screen, but is only a wish as there will be no fourth installment.

Think video gamers and Sci-Fi fans will love this movie as most viewers are calling it the best of the three.

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