Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Qin Yong (A Terracotta Warrior)

What a strange yet amazing story this movie tells. Starts as a beautiful Chinese epic period romance/drama, jumps 3,000 years to China 1930’s where becomes a comedy/fantasy/romance that looks similar to any Indiana Jones movie and ends up in the present time. Tells the story of a forbidden love between a court lady and a soldier in the Qin dynasty and how they are bound to be together forever and this time forever, means really forever in time.

An amazing Zhang Yimou plays (yes, PLAYS) Tian Fong the soldier and very young and beautiful Gong Li plays Winter/Lili Chu the soldier’s love. According to what I read this is the only movie where Zhang Yimou played the leading role, to later become the glorious director he is. Gong Li is just fantastic in her Winter role and a little strange to my eyes in the 1930’s, but becomes the serene beauty she is in the present time, even if is just for a few minutes.

Directed by Ching Siu-tung this movie has wonderful cinematography, amazing views of the Great Wall of China, grandiose Qin dynasty scenes (loved the white birds!) and superb dramatic scenes, including when the two make love, in the first part of the movie.

The movie won two awards and has seven nominations in 1989 Asian Film Festivals.

This is a must be seen movie if you are a Zhang Yimou follower –you really have to see him acting- and if you love to see Gong Li performances.


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