Monday, September 10, 2007

Änglagård (House of Angels)

A very nice 1992 comedy/drama that tells the story of a small village in Sweden that during a summer is turned upside down when a couple of city dwellers arrive because the death of her grandfather. There Fanny (Helena Bergstrom) is angered by the un-Christian reception she and her cross-dressing boyfriend, Zak (Rikard Wolff) receive, and decides to test her new neighbors tolerance by turning her inherited country estate into a nightclub.

It is a very Nordic movie but is quite entertaining as even includes a cabaret show with transvestites all done in the village church, so this gives you an idea of the characters and situations that you’ll find here that are totally opposites.

This is my first movie with Helena Bergstrom and I have to say that I enjoyed her performance and was very impressed by her looks. The movie is the winner of 7 awards in Nordic festivals.

Great for good and healthy laughs and perfect for a Sunday afternoon.

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