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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Matsumoto Seicho Special - Yubi (Finger)

Very seldom I have the opportunity to see a Japanese made for TV movie, so I really have little idea how they look like; so, with that in mind, I have to say that this one unfortunately looks to me like any average western made for TV movie.

Tells the story of Fukue Yumiko (played by Goto Maki), a young stage actress who strives for fame at all costs. In order to fulfill her ambitions, she ends up in a lesbian love triangle with the top member of her theatrical troupe and the wife of rich executive. But an industrious TV reporter Suzuki Kaori (played by Hoshino Mari) while reporting on dog’s serial killings stumbles upon the secrets of Fukue’s past.

This 2006 TV movie belongs to a very successful series in Japanese TV based on books by Matsumo Seicho who was a prolific Japanese writer and journalist, winner of prestigious Japanese awards, including the Mystery Writers of Japan award.

Very nice looking Goto Maki is another famous in Japan actress and singer since she was 13 years old and cute Hoshino Mari is a singer and actress as well.

This suspense drama has high ratings by Japanese viewers, but it was quite strange to watch for me as the acting wasn’t like we are use to watch in TV dramas from the other side of the world. Still, kept my attention and was easy to see the complete movie without fast forwarding and that says a lot, I hope.

This movie I can only recommend it to those that have seen before Lesbian Interest movies and feel like seeing a suspense/drama plot, which is quite uncommon in the genre.

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