Thursday, September 13, 2007

Les Enfants du Siècle (The Children of the Century)

Outstanding performance by Juliette Binoche that plays George Sand/Baroness Aurore Dudevant in this 1999 Diane Kurys film that tells the story of the doomed love affair between George Sand and Alfred de Musset played by Benoît Magimel.

Is a torrid love affair that was told in a softer version in the memorable A Song to Remember where Merle Oberon/Geoge Macrady played George Sand/Alfred de Musset. This time the same story is told as a strong drama that to my eyes is quite disturbing and somehow not pleasant to watch.

Is not that in this movie I would like the story to be like in A Song to Remember, no. Is that I would have liked to have the story presented less brutal and disturbing and more easy to watch, perhaps with more subtle references to their genius creativity that could help to digest the rest of the story.

I cannot say I enjoyed the movie, but I cannot say that I dislike it, as I really enjoyed Juliette Binoche performance and in most moments Magimel’s performance.

Not an easy to watch period drama, but is worth seeing for Binoche’s performance.

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