Saturday, September 08, 2007

La Turbulence des Fluids (Chaos and Desire)

The movie tells a linear story about a Canadian seismologist, Alice (Pascale Bussiérs) that lives in Japan and is sent to Baie Comeau, Quebec, against her wishes, to find why the tide has disappeared. After her arrival the story slowly stars to unravel in this atmospheric and deftly humorous mystery-drama.

This Manon Briand movie has exquisite cinematography with views of crowded and fast paced Tokyo that totally contrast with serene and tranquil views of beautiful Baie Comeau –yes, I been there and is really beautiful! As this contrast occurs in the movie, so do many other contrasts, as this movie is full of symbols and metaphors.

You may remember Manon Briand from her debut movie 2 Seconds and as she does in that movie, here you’ll find a lesbian story that is not the main story, but here is more relevant in the sense that the movie is an ode to women, every type of women. The only drawback is the actress that plays the role, Julie Gayet, that her performance is not good and completely unbelievable.

Honestly the linear story is a little bit odd, as keeps you wondering if is about magic, about science, about miracles or about life and loneliness. Is in the end when you finally realize what was all about. But Pascale Bussiérs performance and all the beauty of the symbols and metaphors make this movie visually very enjoyable, but you have to be able to grab all the messages that are not that evident. Also, great Geneviéve Bujold has a small but nice role.

The movie has 2 wins and 6 nominations in Canadian festivals and awards most for Manon Briand, but also for Pascale Bussiérs and Geneviéve Bujold.

If you like Pascale Bussiérs (remember her from When Night is Falling or La Répétition) then you have to see this movie that some critics consider one of her best performances and this time I do agree with them.

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