Sunday, September 09, 2007

La Femme d'à Côté (The Woman Next Door)

François Truffaut has many outstanding movies that define his own film style, but when you feel like exploring l’amour fou carried to the extreme, there are two definitive films: fabulous 1975 L’Histoire d’Adèle H and 1981 La Femme d'à Côté.

This very intense dramatic film tells the story of two ex-lovers reunited by fate as neighbors and as passion returns to inflame them, they fall into the fire to burn without hope.

Starring a very young Fanny Ardant and a very young and sleek Gérard Depardieu they give performances that are mindblowers for the outstanding smooth way they play the tranquil moments and the totally frenetic way they play the intense crazy moments.

This is a movie that will keep you at the edge of your seat, will make you feel intense feelings while watching and keep you wondering what else could come next. Definitively Truffaut master storyteller and filmmaker abilities are shown here at his best.

Also I feel that has the regular pace of a French drama, but with the story it tells you feel that the movie moves quite swiftly and when is over you have the sensation that just a few minutes ago you sat down to start watching this movie.

This film is in included in a list called “Fanny Ardant Essential Movies” and definitively is a must be seen if you enjoy her outstanding performances, as here she looks a little different than her exquisite self, but shows all the traces of the superb actress she became.

The movie won an award for Truffaut and had three nominations, including a Best Actress nomination for Fanny Ardant in the 1982 César Awards.

Not for all audiences, but absolutely a must be seen for those that enjoy strong French dramas by unbelievable good French directors.


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