Sunday, September 30, 2007

Il Padre delle Spose (The Father of the Wife)

Very nice surprise this made for TV movie gave me, as I enjoyed more than I ever imagined this light comedy/drama. The movie tells the story of a daughter, Aurora that leaves the little Italian village and his father, Riccardo, because he has bad temper. Jump 15 years in time to Barcelona, Spain where Aurora is a famous photographer that is married to beautiful flamenco dancer Rosario. Riccardo is an olive oil taster and has to travel to Barcelona for an olive oil international contest. He decides to visit her daughter and things start to complicate in this very good comedy that includes Aurora, Rosario and her daughter Itzi, going back to the little southern Italian village.

Extremely well done for a TV movie with a nice message about tolerance (the best part is that is not preachy); also has very nice cinematography with views of dearest Barcelona and nice southern Italy. Nice short flamenco performances are here too.

Very good performances by Luis Banfi (Riccardo), his real life daughter Rosanna Banfi (Aurora) and Mapi Galán (Rosario) complement the nice story to make it a very good movie as mainstream cinema and extremely good for the genre.

Obviously this movie was highly criticized in Italy and Rai Uno had most critiques for broadcasting the movie in open television. Still there were many that supported the movie and congratulated Banfi for daring to do the movie based on his idea. In case you are not aware, in Italy same sex marriage is not allowed… yet.

A must be seen for all that enjoy the genre, as it will make you laugh and give you a smooth and happy ride for the time the movie runs.


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