Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Gymnast

Yes is a good movie with mesmerizing aerial performances and the most beautiful dancing performance by real life dancer Addie Yungmee. Tells the story of Jane that lives in an empty marriage, had a career as a gymnast and has a boring/empty life until she decides after many years to set foot in a gym and meets Nicole that gives her a new purpose in life and allows her to meet Serena.

Starring Dreya Weber as Jane (she also was in Everything is Relative) and beautiful Addie Yungmee as Serena, both perform acceptable, but both of them in the aerial scenes are visually stunning and they did all the scenes for real. These two women should do the show for real, as they look fantastic together. If you have ever seen live a Cirque du Soleil show, you will understand what I mean, as this could be a breathtaking performance for real.

This is also a story about coming out to your parents and individual rebirth; also interesting is that we could see two mature women on the screen, which we do not often have the chance to see. Have to say that I liked the movie, loved the aerials and my eyes were glued to screen when Addie Yungmee performed her dance routine.

But, I do not know if I’m the only one that feels that this story was NOT written for two women. Perhaps was written for a man and a woman or even two men. Let see if I can explain myself.

Some critics and viewers are commenting that this was better than Patrica Rozema’s When The Night is Falling. I do agree that for sure the circus related scenes are less spectacular in the later, but Rozema’s story is 100% written to be performed by two women and in that sense, I believe that Rozema’s movie is not only a lot better than this one, but also a lot more intense in the romance part of the story.

Perhaps is that the falling in love story here is weak, or they toned it down to go mainstream, or they gave more emphasis to the aerials or who knows what, but even if I know that is a falling in love story, I have a hard time enjoying this particular side of the movie. Much less totally believing that this movie is about a love story between two women.

Go figure, but I really hope I get some feedback, as I really want to know other viewers opinions. Maybe I’m the only one with this feeling.

Nevertheless is a visually stunning movie that is a must be seen movie to all that enjoy the genre or like to see in the screen outstandingly beautiful aerial performances. Me for one prefer the live aerial performances to the recorded ones, but here they are just beautiful.

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