Sunday, September 02, 2007

Dil Ka Rishta (Relationships of Hearts)

Even if the story is as good as any soap opera or telenovela from Latin America (which I do not like) the movie wasn’t that bad and Aish looked absolutely beautiful in many scenes.

The movie was filmed in Cape Town, South Africa and has outstanding cinematography and beautiful landscapes. Dances are very nice, especially when Aish and dancers are wearing saris. Great production values make this movie easy to watch.

Tells the story of a very rich man that falls in love with a woman that loves her poor boyfriend and not him; the sort of triangle develops with many turns and twists that resemble only telenovelas and at the end the rich man gets the woman.

Not an outstanding movie, but good enough thanks to Aishwarya Rai beauty and her comical abilities, which is the first time I see her in comedy sketches and she’s alright.

Well, think that this is my last Bollywood movie for a long while, as I feel I have to change countries and cinema styles; besides I think I like better epic Indian dramas than dramas set in current time.

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