Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Chacun son Cinéma (To Each His Cinema)

An outstanding collection of shorts about you, about him, about her, about us, about everyone in the world and about me. That’s it if you ever have seen a movie in any type of movie theater and if you have, then chances are that you will find yourself in one or several situations in the shorts. Bravo! Bravo!

This does not feel like a collection of short stories at all, feels like a movie and you will laugh, shed a tear, be marveled by cinematography, be moved, be serious, be happy, be a lot of things in the short time that this films runs (more than 100 minutes) and when it ends, you want more.

Thirty three shorts by some of the most prestigious directors in the world and honestly the best part is guessing who did each short, as if you enjoy serious cinema you will be able to know by just watching who the director is.

I loved so much this film that I’m going to do a gathering with friends, watch it once “seriously” then discuss and then the fun will start, a second time for guessing from which film the scenes are –even if some have only audio, who’s the director and all the crazy stuff we movie buffs enjoy. This is absolutely possible with this fantastic collection.

But if you are not a movie freak, you will enjoy as much as I did this film, as there is something for everyone that has ever gone to see a movie or has seen a movie anywhere, and chances are that if you are reading this you have done it. So, please do not doubt to buy or rent the DVD as is truly amazing, entertaining and extraordinary.

I wont list the 33 directors or the shorts names, nor I can tell you which ones I like the most, as I liked all of them!!! But, I suggest seeing with special care the one about Marcelo Mastroianni with an extremely rare moment nowadays where you will be able to see Jeanne Moreau.

Have to share with you that I was a little apprehensive about watching this film, as I was thinking that my reaction will be the same as with Paris Je T’Aime, where I got lost among so many shorts. So, perhaps is because all this 33 shorts have the same theme –people that see movies- and tell stories around only this theme, that is a lot easier to watch, enjoy and feel like you’re seeing a film.

Absolutely a must be seen for everyone that loves movies.


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