Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Centochiodi (One Hundred Nails)

Even if the story in general may be weak, the movie is outstandingly beautiful and gave me such peace that I feel so serene and peaceful like I haven’t felt in the last couple of weeks. This movie is visually extraordinary with great cinematography and serene views of the Po River where most of the story happens.

There is a religious part of the story that well, I didn’t like it; but if we omit that part, the story and the movie still works. A Bologna University professor leaves everything behind and escapes to a small village near the Po. There he finds a warm welcoming with villagers giving and sharing with him. He will give them a greater present when he provides to them in return, even if it means that he has to leave this serene and happy paradise. Also tells something quite interesting about books extreme adoration, where the written word has more value and knowledge that the human thinking, so instead of liberating men, makes him a prisoner.

Written and directed by 75 years old Italian Ermanno Olmi (he claims it will be his last film) most non Italian critics claim that is not up to his later great masterpieces, but in Italy the movie has been receiving great accolades.

Rez Degan plays the professor (il professorino and you never will know his name) quite well, even if in his role he has to perform as Christ look and behave alike, he makes the role more like the son of men, than the son of God which makes him more credible.

The movie has 1 win and 3 nominations in the 2007 David di Donatello Awards and since those awards I’ve been waiting to see it and have to say that in general the wait was worth.

This is not for all audiences, as the pace is not only slow but also very serene. You have to enjoy at least European movies to be able to enjoy this great movie.

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