Friday, September 14, 2007

Callas Forever

I am no opera buff, which does not mean that I don’t know about it and of course I know Maria Callas and have heard her singing. What attracted me to the movie was the cast as with Fanny Ardant, Jeremy Irons and Joan Plowright had to be interesting to see.

The film tells the fictional story of what might happen if someone saved Maria from her seclusion after the death of Onassis. Directed by Franco Zeffirelli, a real life friend of Callas, is sort of a tribute for her or perhaps as some say, more than a tribute was a way to overcome his inability to help her.

The movie was quite entertaining and more since they chose to show a lot of Bizet’s Carmen which I do like the music very much. Fanny gives a very good performance, but this was a very difficult role, as Callas was a well-known celebrity and peculiar looking woman and well, Fanny does not look like her except when they do side shots and she has her eyes closed. The problem is that Fanny eyes are very particular and beautiful and with her eyes open she looks like an odd Fanny, but still Fanny.

Jeremy Irons plays Larry Kelly, the gay artist manager that proposes a project to Maria that she actually accepts for her return and his performance is touching at those moments when he comforts Maria about getting older and not able to do what she was able when younger and in a way it also comforts himself as he is aging too. I just love Joan Plowright performances and here she does her usual thing as a reporter and Maria’s friend.

Not a masterpiece but very entertaining if you enjoy opera, adore Maria Callas, like to see beautiful wardrobe by Chanel, enjoy Bizet’s Carmen and love to see Fanny Ardant in the big screen.

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