Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Brave One

Excellent Poster

The latest Jodie Foster movie and I’m calling it like this not for colloquial reasons, but because this IS her movie and she’s back with an outstanding performance that will drag you into the movie as soon as the story becomes her character story.

But big kudos to director Neil Jordan for a movie well constructed, with nice camera moves that look more like European than American cinema. But I cannot say the same about the story that to my eyes it was weak, perhaps with a different ending could have been less fantasy like.

The story tells about Erica Bain a radio broadcaster with a nice name show called Street Walker. She and her soon-to-be-married boyfriend are attacked one night and her life changes forever.

This movie more than a drama to me is a fantasy/thriller movie and at times, the action becomes very intense and you feel adrenaline allover your body. No, I do not mean the car chases kind of action; I mean the thriller action (if that exists…) that makes you feel everything that’s going on at the moment.

You will also find here Terrence Howard as Detective Mercer with a good performance, but I really like him for more romantic characters, as I believe he really knows how to play the smooth operator –just like the Sade song-.

Most critics and viewers compare this movie to 1974 Death Wish with Charles Bronson (which I have seen, but don’t recall much) and claim that Death Wish is better; probably they are right, but I am sure that in Death Wish there was no brilliant Jodie Foster!

This movie is a must be seen for all Jodie Foster fans, as I find that here she looks younger and even cuter. Do not miss it.


P.S. By the size of the poster you can guess that I'm not only a Jodie Foster fan, but that I also loved this fantastic poster! I was "dying" to see the movie, just to have the poster here, lol!

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