Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Angel (aka: The Real Life of Angel Deverell –UK)

Have to say that this movie is almost perfect, well-constructed, spectacular cinematography, fun special effects for outdoor scenes that recall old 50”s movies, great music, great costumes, well-developed characters, good performances and a story that I can only call a melodramatic melodrama. But, yes there is a but, I didn’t enjoy it much because of the story the movie tells.

Based on a novel by Elizabeth Taylor with a screenplay written by François Ozon, who also directed, this movie is about a girl/woman with an outstanding imagination that decides to write and becomes famous and successful very fast in England early 1900’s. She sells romance novels, gets rich, buys Paradise, finds love but doesn’t like her reality, so she lives out of reality, in her own world, which eventually leads to her fall.

Starring Romola Garai as Angel, a spoiled and quite unpleasant character, which in the book was described as an “exotic bloom from a cactus plant” (this should give you an exact idea about the character) and she gives quite a good performance as you get to really dislike very much her eccentric character and the character indifference to everything that surrounds her. But, believe me, disliking the main character does not help to like the story in the movie! Still Garai is a beautiful woman that in some scenes looks quite stunning.

Also here you will find Michael Fassbender as Esmé, known to some of you for his role as Azazeal in UK TV series Hex, that gives a good performance as Angel love interest and later on, husband. The transformation this character goes is outstanding, but he also is an unappealing character for his apparent weakness.

Not known to me, Lucy Russell plays Nora, Esmé’s sister that becomes Angel live-in secretary and is in love with Angel; she has the most agreeable main character, but liking one character is absolutely not enough to like the story. Charlotte Rampling has a small supporting role and she’s great in those few moments.

The movie was nominated for the Golden Bear in the 2007 Berlinale.

After reading about the movie I found that most European critics like it, most female viewers loved the movie and they were touched by the romance in the story, that recalls an epic love story. Most male viewers also like it. So, probably this is a movie that you will very much like or you will dislike based on the story; then, as a movie is magnificent to watch... leaving the music on, but no words!!! lol!

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