Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Yes, been out for a while, but I am back and feel like sharing some thoughts with you loyal readers.

My first post had to be about Ingmar Bergman and Michelangelo Antonioni, I was traveling when I learned about their death. It make me sad in a way, but just for a little while as I know that their body of work will live forever and many more generations will be able to discover it and enjoy it.

Then while traveling, I posted from a hotel the news about the 64th Venice Film Festival creating a new category. Why the rush? Well, if prestigious film festivals start to recognize the genre the only possible consequence is the improvement of the genre and the delight of those, like me, that wish to bond their love for cinema and the like of the lesbian and gay interest genre into one and many movies that totally fulfill all the movie possibilities in storytelling, directing, editing, cinematography and all the technical aspects involved in making a movie.

Perhaps now genre filmmakers will find more motivation and mainly interested investors to start making oeuvres d’art in this genre!! Eventually the most prestigious awards in the world like the Oscars or BAFTA will create the category and gee, then we fans can start to really discriminate what to see and what not to see… for the time being only two prestigious film festivals have the category the Berlinale and now Venice.

After all we have to recognize that Brokeback Mountain broke and will continue to break (hopefully) many barriers for the genre… my only thought is when the lesbian interest label will get its first Brokeback Mountain??? Hope Miss Brooks, Miss Robinson, Miss Babbit and many other “Mesdames” are already working on it.

Finally, I watched some movies (planes have movies, hotels have pay-per-view) and I’ll be commenting those that called my attention and skipping those that did not. Well, I am glad to be back home and hope you will continue reading my little stories about movies.


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