Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Let me start by saying that I believe that this is a tale for adults, as like the book author says, “adults deserve fairytales”. Well yes we do and this one was fun to watch, at moments.

Have to say that the best part was when Robert de Niro is on the screen, not only because his silly character but also because he seems like he's having lots of fun doing whatever he does. I think that Michelle Pfeiffer did a so-so reprise of her The Witches of Eastwood character, but with a lot more make-up and some comical moments. Also you have very nice cameos- too short time on the screen to be called secondary roles- by Peter O’Toole as the King and Ricky Gervais as Ferdy the Fence. The leads, not that good, but the story is so cute that it doesn’t really bother that their performances are not up to her best for Claire Danes and not known to me Charlie Cox (Tristan) is average.

Yes, the story is really nice and I believe is the winner in this movie. Imagine a guy falling for a star (the one in the sky, not a celebrity!) well, basically that’s what this fairytale is about. Okay other things happen like a witch following the star to kill her, the pirate saving the guy and the star, and few princes following the star.

Another entertaining fantasy that has divided audiences, so the probability is that you either like it or hate it. I did enjoy it a little, enough to watch it once but not twice.

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