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Sections in the 64th Venice Film Festival

22nd International Critic’s Week (22 Settimana Internazionale della Critica)

This simultaneous to the 64th Venice Film Festival section gives one award, the Premio Settimana Internazionale della Critica (International Critic’s Week award), the first films also compete in the Leone del Futuro – Premio Venezia Opera Prima “Luigi De Laurentiis” (Future Lion – Opera Prima award Luigi De Laurentiis), along with other first films in the festival and sections. Also the European movies in these sections and the festival compete for the “Label Europa Cinemas” award.

These are the 7 films in competition:

24 Mesures, Jalil Lespert, France and Canada
Karoy,Zhanna Issaabayeva, Kazakhstan
The Nines, John August, USA
Otryv, Alexander Mindadze, Russia
La Ragazza del Lago, Andrea Molaioli, Italy
Small Gods, Dimitri Karakatsanis, Belgium
Zui Yaoyuan de Juli, Ling Jing-jie, Taiwan

Opening Film
Borom Sarret, a 1962 short film presented as homage to Ousmane Sembéne from Senegal.

Closing Film- Special Event
Año Uña, Jonás Cuarón, Mexico (Seems a very interesting movie made out with digital photographs (??) by the son of Alfonso Cuarón).

For more information available only in Italian go here.

4th Giornate Degli Autori - Venice Days

Another section of the Venice Film Festival is the Giornate Degli Autori also known as Venice Days. This section was created in 2004 and is based on the Directors Fortnight model.

These are the 13 movies for the 2007 Selection:

Andalucia, Alain Gomis, France and Spain (Second Film, World Premiere)
Cargo 200, Alexey Balabanov, Russia (International Premiere)
Continental, Un Film Sans Fusil, Stéphane Lafleur, Canada (First Film and World Premiere)
Freischwimmer (Head Under Water), Andreas Kleinert, Germany (World Premiere)
Non Pensarci, Gianni Zanasi, Italy (World Premiere)
La Pluie Des Prunes (Plum Rain) Frédéric Fishbach, France (First Film, World Premiere)
La Ragioni dell’Aragosta, Sabina Guzzanti, Italy (World Premiere)
Sous Les Bombes, Philippe Aractingi, France, UK and Lebanon (Second Film, World Premiere)
Superheroes (working title), Ed Radtke, USA (World Premiere)
Sztuczki (Tricks), Andrzej Jakimowski, Poland (Second Film, World Premiere)
Un Baiser, S’il Vous Plait!, Emannuel Mouret, France (World Premiere)
Valzer, Salvatore Maira, Italy (World Premiere)
La Zona, Rodrigo Plá, Spain and Mexico (Second Film, World Premiere)

The 2007 Selection also includes three documentaries that because of the story they tell seem very interesting, I am also including their names.

Ritratti: Luiciano Bianciardi
Buongiorno Culini
Vita e Opere di Luciano Bincairdy, Massimo Coppola and Alberto Piccinini, Italy

Ritratti: Jose Flores/Eva Norvind
Nacido Sin (Born Without), Eva Norvind, Mexico

Ritratti: Carlos Lizzani
Viaggio In Corso nel Cinema di Carlo Lizzani, Francesca Del Sette, Italy

For more information available in English go here.

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